Daily Archives: 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

Rumours of my death have been greatly overstated


I’ve now found a place to play 40k, in the delightful Spread Eagle pub on Mondays and Thursdays, organised by the excellent Olaf of OG Games.  They use some pretty complex army comp rules which keeps me on my toes in terms of list design, but I mustn’t forget how to play cheesy WAAC lists when it comes to tournament time

I left Ireland on a bit of a rankings high, but that will soon start to tumble as the season gets properly underway.  I’m hoping to get back for a few tournaments and see if I can sneak my way into ETC 2012!

I still have a backlog of analysis from you guys, and new requests are coming in for the Necron codex:


…so watch this space for some updates in the next few days!

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