Hydra Dominatus

As I mentioned previously, I’m building a renegade Imperial Guard army themed on Alpha Legion Operatives. The infantry I’m using are the awesome forgeworld renegade guard, but there was a question of how to represent the vehicles.  The army list I have in mind uses Hydras, Vendettas, and Chimeras but I wanted a look and feel distinct from regular guard.

For the chimeras I’m happy enough with just using chaos upgrade sprues to get the renegade look, but the hydras and vendettas would be a bit tougher.  After scouring Ebay for a couple of evenings I found a bitz seller who had listed 6 defiler turrets, and there was my answer – with some autocannons, a defiler turret could turn a chimera into a suitably renegade hydra.  The first is now assembled, see below:

For the vendettas I searched around online for inspiration, but spent a week looking without finding anything.  Then I happened upon this:

Again Ebay to the rescue, I found a supplier in the US and picked up 3 of them.

So with the models sorted, the next question was what colour scheme.  Blue, green and silver are the dominant colours of my Alpha Legion marine army, and I wanted the operatives to be different but still blend reasonably well together.  Since the Alpha Legion are stealthy sneaky types, I decided to run with a blue green camouflage scheme for the vehicles.  The test models are below.

Obviously I’ve still along way to go before completing the army, and I’ll post further updates as I make more progress.

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